We are protecting the wild spaces we are so lucky to call home. We will have our say in big decisions made around us that directly impact our lives. 



30th DECEMBER 2018

Good news.   North Lincolnshire Council set a good example this week by yet again refusing permission for Egdon Resources to go into full production at Wressle.  It was revealed at the hearing that acidisation would be part of the extraction process. 


We hope our council will take a similar view on Monday 3rd of December when Egdon apply for retrospective planning to cover the breaches of planning conditions they have already commited.

Some hope, as last time they voted unanimously in Egdon's favour. 


Lincolnshire Protectors will be staging a protest outside the council building in Lincoln at 9AM on Monday. 

Hope to see you there! 


P. S  Apologies there aren't so many signs decorating the road. If anyone would like to make some roadside art work, please let us know as we can't keep up with the collectors.

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We are a group of people who live in Lincolnshire. We have great respect for the natural world and we want to preserve our environment.

Lincolnshire has the only

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the East Midlands  and  incredible biodiversity. 

Our aim is to halt any activity in Lincolnshire that will cause local ecological degradation; further global warming and the very likely loss of our AONB status. 


As this summer and the previous winter have shown us, there is change in our weather systems. We are facing ever-increasing severe weather events globally. Exploring new oil prospects is leap in the wrong direction. We must do all we can to not only save Biscathorpe 2 but also put a full stop to further fossil fuel extraction.

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