www.drillordrop.com   -  Covers everything going on right now in the UK regarding any fossil fuel extraction. 


www.greenpeace.org.uk      - Here you can read about all sorts of global issues and actions, they also have a very useful list helping you make ethical choices when it comes to choosing products. 


www.frack-off.org.uk   - This website connects people across the UK fighting against unconventional fossil fuel extraction. You can find useful information compiled by fellow citizen scientists. 

www.friendsoftheearth.comAgain here you can find out about other things happening globally that effect the wellbeing of our beautiful planet and find ways to join forces with like minded people. 


www.curb.com  - This is another fountain of information about how to halt the                   disruption caused by fossil fuels and push for real action to be                                           taken against climate change. 


 www.talkfracking.org - A great resource for independent research. 

www.gofossilfree.org.uk    - This is a new movement quickly picking up speed,           they are working very hard during the consultation period that has just  opened  regarding NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) help people have their say during this vital time.   

www.peopleandplanet.org    - This is the mother organisation of go fossil free.