This image shows the areas in lincolnshire with Petroleum Exploration Development Licences (PEDL)

Image taken from frack-off.org.uk

There are a few sites currently in Lincolnshire causing concern. All these sites can be connected as they are run by the same companies. 

Egdon Resources and other companies who are invested in these sites hope to proceed exploratory drilling at Biscathorpe 2 and North Kelsey as soon possible. We have taken Wressle as our case study on how they plan to stimulate the target formations for oil.


The site at Wressle has the same geological structure as Biscathorpe 2 and North Kelsey. With this information the aim is to understand what could lie ahead for these two sites.  

Below you will find timelines of the sites in Lincolnshire that are live.

WRESSLE - click here to view full timeline 

NORTH KELSEY - click here to view full timeline 

BISCATHORPE 2 - click here to view full timeline