The Oil Industry is very often quick to deny that their operations involve "fracking" this is a tactic they use to shut down discussion, as its best not to reveal details of other well stimulation processes that are equally troubling. 

We have been following their operations at Wressle where it became apparent at the Public Inquiry that the production techniques they plan to use would involve Acidisation and Proppant Squeeze.

Acidisation uses a solution of acids and other chemicals to dissolve pathways through the rock (typically sandstone and limestone). This is the rock formation found here in The Lincolnshire Wolds. So it is likely that they will use the same process. 

Previous attempts to drill at Biscathorpe (eg BP in 1987) failed as they could not reach the target reserve, but (as) the technology has now evolved to include these more invasive modern methods this reserve has become potentially recoverable. 

Here are some other useful websites giving information about onshore fossil fuel extraction. The UK oil industry uses the term "fracking" for a very specific rock formation (Shale) and the pressure and volume of water used.