Is this NIMBYism?

(Not In My Back Yard) 

To some extent yes, because we are taking responsibility for our immediate environment, but we oppose all such developments globally. As the past few years have shown climate change is real, time is running out and we can no longer ignore the severity of this issue. 

Fossil fuel extraction in its many forms is destroying our planet, we must use alternative energy forms. 


To contain climate chaos, promote environmental and social justice and comply with the Paris Agreement, we need to leave oil, gas and coal in the soil, preventing new fossil projects and promoting a rapid transition to Free Energy sources . This is our mission and we want to move forward with you at our side.

And why free energy? We understand that to achieve climate justice, it is necessary to invest and disseminate renewable and sustainable, decentralized and locally generated energy sources, empowering people with independence and autonomy. Free energy has a low social and environmental impact, is more efficient and leaves knowledge and technology in the community

Biscathorpe in particular within a protected chalk stream (1 of only 215 worldwide) in the heart of the only AONB in the East Midlands. North Kelsey is in an area of farmland, home to barn owls and other protected species.  

In both cases these developments represent the industrialisation of the countryside and destruction of precious rural spaces and natural habitats whilst at the same time threatening truly sustainable enterprises such as farming, eco-tourism and conservation efforts.